Our Team

For more information on For Her Heart’s Sake, please contact us.

For Her Heart’s Sake Community Committee & Ambassadors

Dee Buchwald, Honourary Chair
Gail Loewen, Chair
Peg Alto
Carol-Ann Borody-Siemens
Lou Caci
Joy Cranmer
Dorothy Dobbie
Tina Keeper
B.J. Langdon
Georgina Liberty
Sheila North-Wilson
Karen Taraska-Alcock
Jennifer Wood

Victoria General Hospital Foundation Staff:
Charlene Rocke, Executive Director
Rena Molinari, Director of Development
Jessica Cranmer, Community Partnerships & Annual Fundraising Manager
Erin Girouard, Communications & Public Relations Officer

Project Partners

Mature Women’s Centre
Victoria Institute of Clinical Evaluation
University of Manitoba
Reh-Fit Centre
Wellness Institute
WRHA Cadiac Sciences Program

VGH Executive team:
Ms. Donna Romaniuk, Chief Nursing Officer, VGH
Dr. Susy Santos, Director Research and Evaluation, VGH
Ms. Heather Lytwyn, Director, Mature Women’s Centre

Investigator team:
Dr. Jo-Ann Sawatzky, Principal Investigator, University of Manitoba
Dr. Susy Santos, Investigator, VGH
Dr. A. Elizabeth Ready, Investigator, University of Manitoba
Dr. George Kaoukis, Investigator, Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Research/Intervention team:
Ms. Teresa Sawicz-Hanesiak, Project Coordinator