Our Cause

“Heart Disease is now recognized as the most significant health threat facing Manitoba women today. We MUST provide the education and care so urgently needed.”

– Dee Buchwald, Honourary VGHF For Her Heart’s Sake Campaign Chair

Once believed to be a ‘man’s disease’, heart disease now kills more women than men, and more women than all cancers combined. 42% of women heart attack survivors suffer a second attack and die within a year of the first; and 46% become disabled, living in chronic pain and poor health. The cost to the Canadian economy more than $22 billion annually.

The facts are shocking and sobering. We can and must change this.

For Her Heart’s Sake is a critical first step in our fight against women’s heart disease.

Our goal is simple and clear – to engage, educate and empower women and others in our community to stop heart disease from killing the women we love – our mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, friends, co-workers and neighbours.

Image-HeartHands-low To meet this, requires an investment in innovative programs, targeted at women’s prevention and care.

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For Her Heart’s Sake will achieve these benefits and impacts:

  1. Deliver the first ever in North America, gender-specific First STEP Cardiac Care Program for Women cardiac survivors who have been unable to receive treatment, providing the last, best hope for saving their lives.
  2. Generate new, gender-specific and ground-breaking research that will transform the way women’s heart disease is diagnosed and treated in Manitoba and around the world.
  3. Deliver an urgent awareness and education campaign to inform women of all ages and others about the unique risks, signs and symptoms of women’s heart disease, and to improve and increase community access to heart healthy education, research and prevention tools.
  4. Increase women’s participation in cardiac care programs, reducing mortality and morbidity, decreasing hospital admissions, health care costs and premiums.
  5. Help medical professionals, governments and community leaders determine how the health care system can help prevent women’s heart disease, and be better prepared to meet the future cardiac needs of women as our population ages.
  6. Build a social movement to engage and mobilize governments, employers and community leaders to make women’s heart disease a priority – to invest in policy, research, education, treatment and care solutions that make the lives of women, families, workplaces and communities healthier and stronger.
  7. Maintain the highest quality of care and services to our community, making a positive difference in the lives of women with heart disease, their families, friends and the community at large.

Help us fight her #1 killer! Without you, it can’t be done.

Your gift will make a measurable difference in lives of Manitoba women. We are half way to our commitment of raising $1 million to cover the full costs of this vital and innovative program. Every dollar you give will go directly toward our fight against women’s heart disease – empowering women and saving lives.

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